Frustrated With MLM? You’re Not Alone

Frustrated With MLM? You’re Not Alone

MLM frustration

Almost everybody who is in MLM has been frustrated with it. Some people work through it, and other people never can. Those who can’t work through it end up quitting and losing money. The causes of frustration with MLM fall into two major categories. One is a lack of leads, and the other is related to the MLM company itself.

Frustrated With MLM Marketing

Marketing is what produces leads. Without them, any company would have a problem. MLM is the same. The business model of MLM and Network Marketing is direct marketing and direct sales. You must market your opportunity and your products to would-be distributors and customers. Most MLM companies proclaim that “anyone can do this business”. The opinion that anybody can have success in MLM is just not true. Most successful MLM people were a little nervous when they began, but repetition develops both confidence and competence. Nervous people can work their way through this. However people who are literally petrified with fear at the idea of talking to someone concerning a product or a business opportunity shouldn’t be in this business. These people will quickly get frustrated in MLM. Again, they never should have tried it to begin with.

For people who do have the potential for success in MLM, one of the first decisions is how to produce leads. You can be traditional - friends & family, make a contact list, etc., or you could market on the internet. When theconcept of using an online Attraction Marketing system to market MLM online came about several years ago, it was groundbreaking. The proponents were sure that conventional MLM marketing was dead. They said it was not possible to be profitable with this old fashioned method. Well, that’s not true either. I know people right now who are building an MLM organization this way.

The problem here is that most people get stuck after they talk to their friends and family. They don’t know what to do after that. They are unable to generate their own leads. Obviously this leads to frustration with MLM, and many of these people quit at this point. This frustration is where the online Attraction Marketing movement came from. To me it seems a little silly to ignore the advantages that online marketing can offer. There is a way to use the best of both. The bottom line is, if you are frustrated because you aren’t getting, you will quit because you are spending more than you are making.

Frustrated by MLM Companies

Many people don’t appreciate how important their MLM company is. There are so many products, services, and compensation plans out there, it is vital to choose a company that fits you. For instance, one person may want the next big thing, and someone else may want an established, old line company. Everybody is different.

If you are looking to join an MLM, and the person you are talking to is not asking questions about what you want, look somewhere else. That person is only interested in signing someone up. A true MLM leader can't use a bad fit in his or her organization. Nearly everyone who doeswell in MLM is a team builder. This offers support. Support is just that - mentoring and motivation. Productive individuals don’t become frustrated. You don’t want people on your team who quit because of frustration with MLM.

Other frustrations with your company can come from the cost of the products, the monthly amount to stay in the company, re-order rates, inventory, attrition and much more. This is why the MLM company you choose is important. You must do your research before you sign up. One size does not fit all.

MLM frustration

Just like with marketing, if you are frustrated because you believe your MLM company’s policies are holding you back, you will quit because you are spending more than you are making. Getting frustrated with MLM is no fun. You can avoid it by figuring out what you want and then investing the time to find it.


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